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Game and Nature

The Shymkent Zoo is the state zoo of the city Shymkent in Kazakhstan. It is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the country. From the total zoo’s area of 54 hectares, under an exposition 34 hectares. Address: Shymkent, Kazakhstan. Phone: +7 725 247 6030

Ugam is an ideal starting point for discovering of mountains of Western Tien-Shan and its rich flora and fauna. Ugam region is a highland, which is a spur of Western Tien-Shan. Unique natural systems here are amazingly combined with historical monuments of medieval culture of The Great Silk Road.


Park Abaya is home to many monuments dedicated to fallen soldiers. Walk down a memorial lane that ends with a tall obelisk erected in honor of soldiers who lost their lives in World War II.